The Perfect Manager

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s crazy how there can be such a diversity in the type of personalities of the people we work with at our jobs, and yet almost every time we have what we consider a “cool boss”, they usually always have the same characteristics. While leadership is something I believe people are either born with or they aren’t, managing seems to be something almost anyone can learn. Really what it all comes down to, is gaining respect from your employees in some sort of fashion (which is why we do see different managing styles) and getting a job done successfully. I’ve worked a couple restaurant jobs since being out of high school these last couple of years, and it’s given me a great¬†opportunity¬†to see how businesses work on several different scales. From starting out at a mom and pop bar-b-q place, to a big corporate chain, to where I am now, a well respected local family owned restaurant started from the ground up, Cypress Inn. I’ve loved it so far, and it’s given me a chance to see the behind the scenes working of a successful business that isn’t over run with corporate scum. These jobs have all been lined with several different types of managers and managing styles, and at the end of the day the best ones always seem to have the same qualities, which is why I believe managing can be learned by anyone. The best managers I’ve worked for have always thought about the team or company collectively as a whole and never makes brash decisions without consulting everyone first. Respect plays a huge part in business and managers should be doing whatever it is they need to to gain that respect from the people that they are trying to lead. In almost every environment I’ve worked, the managers that gained the most respect were the ones that worked the hardest to earn it. And for these managers, the employees are almost always willing to work as hard as their bosses are as a mutual sign of trust. Hard work, integrity, discipline, loyalty, and knowledge of what it is they’re doing have all been characteristics of the good bosses I’ve had, and the bad ones almost always lack at least one of those traits.Image