CH 10 (Managing Human Resources)

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I can relate alot with this particular chapter in terms of having a job and “employment at will.”  I already knew about what this was because it is preached to us daily at work that we are replaceable and that we need to be conducting our work in an exceptable manner or we WILL get fired. Definitely works as a motivator… But I enjoyed watching the videos on the class blog; they gave me a good laugh- especially the one from the movie Waiting, that’s a great movie haha. I think the presence of unions are great for employees and help keep work conditions fair and reasonable. Before there were Unions in the U.S. child labor and unsafe working conditions were prominent in everyday life. I remember reading in a book once that if a man were missing an arm or leg it was more likely due to the dangerous work done in the fatories rather than coming back from a war.


I mean not even wearing shoes, REALLY?!

Today, Unions work together to try and improve life for workers and that is something I value very much. Big corporations, like Wal-Mart, need to see that we are not just pawns in their scheme that they can just play with and manipulate; We are American people providing a service for them and we need to be respected for the work we do and taken care of by our employers, not threatened.





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