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I got addicted to that beer game! Very fun way to represent a model of how supply chain management works. This chapter taught me a lot about the sort of work that I would like to go into. I’d like to do something with business and this is an interesting chapter to kind of get a more inside look at what I can expect in the business line of work. The game taught me how hard it can be just to balance an inventory, much less keep customers satisfied. My first job I’ve ever worked was at a small, family-0wned barbeque restaurant that was just opening up. The location, in my opinion, was great. (Right off one of the main highways, across the street from a really big neighborhood that I lived in.) However, the place barely generated any business and the family ended up having to close down the place after only 4 months. It was interesting to be in that sort of situation for my first job though. The manager was the owner’s youngest son who was only a couple years older than I was. Everyday we would talk with one another about what we would be doing differently to make the place more successful. We thought our ideas were solid and really would have worked, but of course the owner never even listened to a word we had to say.


(His loss I guess.) We did no advertising and the prices were a little ridiculous for barbeque. This is where learning the pricing strategy in this chapter becomes so important. I can remember countless times customers would come in and leave after seeing the price. In economics we learn a lot about supply and demand and the rule goes that if the demand isn’t as high as you want/need it to be, then you lower the price. The owner never did this, and lost a large portion of the possible clientel who he could of got hooked. The food was really good, and I know people would have came back repeatedly if they tried it once. But the owner was just too set in his ways and I believe his business fell because of that.


This is what the restaurant would look like on a regular basis…


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