The 21st Century isn’t so bad…

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

The regulations and standards set for our commercial products in the U.S. is something that I think has advanced our quality of life greatly. In this chapter I learned about quality management and how manufacturing companies use continuous quality improvement to minimize defective products. This is something that would be unheard of a century ago since businesses were less worried about quality and more focused on driving up profits. In my history class, we discussed the progressive era and the uprising of organizations to oversee the quality of how goods were produced. One example is the USDA.


These days we see the USDA seal on practically every produce item we buy in our super markets, but before the USDA came about, it was sickening the way our food was handled and processed. The Jungle was a book written by Upton Sinclair that ultimately brought about improvements in the manufacturing business. It wasn’t long after the publishing of this book, that working conditions started to change drastically. From child labor laws to more regulations, the manufacturing industry saw much needed improvements during this time. I think it’s important to our nation that we do make improvements like this because it really does make a huge difference on our standard of living and sets us apart from the rest of the world in that regard.


As we continue to grow in the field of industry I think improvements in TQM and Operations Management can help solve a lot of problems we still face with products. We still continue to have recalls on certain goods and a lot of times those are things that can be stopped. The MAIN reason for all of these recalls always is because of some sort of hazard or injury. With TQM, we can save a number of lives and prevent accidents from ever happening and I think this is highly important!


We now live in an age were technology has made goods and services more readily available than ever. With these mega factories and mass production lines, new regulations should be brought forth to ensure companies aren’t skipping any vital safety inspections. The way these companies are regulated are important to our daily lives, our nation’s economy, and above all our environment. With most factories now being loaded with program software and computers and robots doing most of the work, we have a huge opportunity to improve quality of goods while keeping cost low. There’s several things we have corrected in our industrial world in the last 100 years and I think it’s safe to say that we can certainly be happy we don’t face the same terrible issues experienced in the 20th century.


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