Teamwork Equals Success

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s interesting to see UA’s organization chart and how each job is connected to one another. It’s certainly a lot more complicated and taller than I would have guessed it would be.


Compared to this chart of a general business, it’s easy to see how many different fields a University has to cover with extra job positions. This is an interesting concept that I’m learning about for the first time and I can definitely see how it can help organize a company.


Teamwork is an important part of business that can absolutely make or break a company’s chances of success. Just like in sports, when a group can work together as a team, their chances of winning multiply greatly. By placing employees into a group and encouraging them to be more collectivistic, companies raise creative competition in offices. With this type of environment, the best ideas usually rise to the top and work can get done much faster when things work correctly. Pixar is a great example of how this method can prove success. I believe more businesses should take this approach and promote teamwork rather than the depressing office spaces we have now.


Obviously Pixar’s work environment promotes great relationships with others in the workplace just by how the office is set up. This type of setting leads to easy communication with one another, which this chapter also teaches us, is another very important part of business. As long as creative minds are in an open environment where they are comfortable to freely share ideas and how they feel about certain projects, Pixar (and other companies like them) will continue to have success.


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